Front Desk Team Member - Scheduling Coordinator Position

We have an IMMEDIATE OPENING for this position!

Position Description:  

Our businss desk is the front line in taking excellent care of our patients. Front office team members provide excellent customer service to our patients and build a memorable, positive experience. At the front, you are part of a well-oiled machine that keeps our office running like a fine tuned automobile. You are the first introduction to our office, you must be professional, kind, and have high follow-through with our patients. We are looking for a superstar!  

Our patient-focused, group dental practice needs a quick-thinking, detail-oriented person with HIGH FOLLOW-THROUGH to join our team. No previous dental experience is required. This position will have a focus on keeping our hygiene schedules full. We are looking for someone who sees openings in our schedule and takes the initiative to fill those spots. This person will help keep our schedule as efficient as possible.  

A few benefits for this position are...

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Simple IRA Match
  • PTO

Musts for the position:  

  • Highly comfortable and competent with technology as well as navigating through different software programs 
  • Excellent Excel skills for creating and maintaining multiple reports daily, weekly and monthly  
  • Computer literate 
  • High organizational skills 
  • Ability to follow detailed directions precisely 
  • Be comfortable discussing financial options with patients 
  • Be able to complete assigned administrative tasks and work independently to meet deadlines 
  • Personally responsible and ability to be accountable to a supervisor as well as the rest of the team 


Partial list of reponsibilities:

  • Handle schedule openings quickly and efficiently
  • Office administrative duties 
  • Handle customer emails and phone calls 
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Verify patient information 
  • Process payments 
  • Make financial arrangements 
  • Assist patient with applying for third party financing 
  • Verify insurance benefits  


This position is for you if:  

  • You have experience in customer service and pick up technology quickly. 
  • You embrace technology with open arms and get excited about learning new systems and ways of doing things. 
  • You delight in going over the top to make people happy. You over-deliver. 
  • You consider yourself a problem solver and don’t get freaked out with things you don’t quite understand… instead you look at it as an opportunity to develop your skill set even further. 
  • You are comfortable working in a fast paced environment and you aren’t afraid to voice your opinion and collaborate with the team. 
  • You are comfortable working in a fast paced and high intensity environment and you aren’t afraid to voice your opinion and collaborate with the team. 
  • Your friends and family use these words to describe you: honest to a fault, sweet, sincere, trustworthy, hardworking, compassionate, and 100% reliable. 
  • You are detail oriented and organized. 
  • You are available Monday - Friday and are able to work one early morning and one later evening (an awesome perk is that you'll have Friday afternoons off every week!).

HERE’S the REALLY important stuff. This position is NOT for you if: 

  • You are not available Monday – Friday between assigned office hours
  • You have personal drama in your life
  • You love people but technology freaks you out or you love technology but people freak you out 
  • You are not willing to grow as a team member and aren’t committed to development 
  • You are afraid to discuss money  

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